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$55K Granted to Sanitation Truck Driver by City

sanitation driver settlement

A former municipal sanitation truck driver received $55,000 in a workers’ compensation settlement for injuries sustained in a wreck. 

Dexter Williams was driving a sanitation truck on January 4th when it was rear-ended by a dump truck. The collision caused significant damage to the vehicle and injuries to Williams’ head, back, and left leg, according to City Attorney Jep Rose. Rose told the Telegram in an email that the accident happened around 7:45 am on January 4th on U.S 64 East near the Kingsboro exit. 

The state Industrial Commission filed the claim. The municipality’s third-party administrator, Concord Compensation Claims Solution, handed over the compensation sought from the municipality.  

Rose stated that after the claim was mediated, the council agreed upon payment of $55,000 and approved it. Mediation occurs when both parties agree on a neutral third party to intervene in a dispute to reach an agreement.

Rose stated that the settlement was completed in September with the payment to Williams.

Rose provided a copy of the settlement document to the newspaper detailing doctor visits. Williams, 54, saw doctors or physicians’ assistants complaining of pain or a variety of illnesses. These complaints started from the time of the accident until mid-July.

It is also detailed that Williams told a physician’s assistant about the collision. He said that he was driving the sanitation truck at 15 mph on January 4th when the rear of the vehicle was hit by a tractor-trailer traveling about 75 mph. It also states that Williams’ contention is that he retains some, but unknown, permanent partial impairments of his left leg, back, and head. The impairments are a result of an injury sustained in an accident while working for the municipality/ It has rendered him unable to return to his pre-injury or any other capacity for the foreseeable future. 

The municipality contends Williams has no permanent partial impairments of his left leg, back, or other resulting from the accident. They believe Williams has not been rendered permanently or partially disabled, implying that Williams will not require future medical treatment. 

At the same time, the document states that aside from the dispute between Williams and the municipality via Compensation Claims Solutions, and in recognition of the need for legal finality, Williams, through his attorney Maggie Shankle, and the municipality via Compensation Claims Solutions agreed to compromise and settle all issues.

Williams is no longer employed by the city. His last day on the job was September 23. Kirk Brown, the City Communications, Marketing, and Public Relations Director, confirmed this in an email to the Telegram.

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