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Auto Accidents involving Trucking Companies in Missouri

Accidents Involving Trucking Companies in Missouri

Accidents involving large commercial vehicles, such as semi-trucks and tractor-trailers, can be costly. The damage may cost thousands and up to millions of dollars depending on the circumstances and extent of the damage. These costs may include medical treatment for those involved, property damage, cargo loss, hazardous material cleanup, and lost economic activity.

Numerous factors can determine the exact cost of the accident. An accident victim needs to speak with an attorney as soon as possible and get advice about their specific losses and the possibility of recovering through a lawsuit.

The severity of an auto accident

The damage caused by trucking accidents can range from minor property damage to serious injury or fatality. If there was a minor accident, the insurance claim process may be able to handle most or all of the losses, as trucking companies are required to have special policies that cover large amounts of damage. Severe crashes may result in a lawsuit and settlement to help pay for things such as long-term medical costs and a large amount of time away from work. 

Auto accidents in Missouri

All states have rules governing the types and amounts of compensation that can be awarded. Missouri law allows for compensatory damages. Compensatory damages are the documented costs for medical treatments and expenses, pain and suffering, and the lost income and ability to earn money in the future. It may be different to calculate the amount of pain and suffering an accident may have caused as this is mainly related to mental health and emotional problems caused by the accident. However medical costs, and lost income wages, are much easier to prove through documentation in court.  A truck accident attorney helps negotiate for considerable damages through a settlement. It is important to hire one as soon as possible if ever in an accident.

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