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$5 Million is awarded in a pedestrian accident

$5 Million Is Awarded in a Pedestrian Accident in Monterey

Golden State Portables agreed to a $5 million wrongful death settlement in the 2019 death of a pedestrian in Monterey.

According to the Monterey Police Department, Joy Judd was walking east on the southwest crosswalk of Pacific and Madison around 9 a.m. during her morning walk near her home on August 14, 2019. A truck making a right turn from Madison Street onto Pacific Street struck Judd. According to Dunnion Law Firm, who represented Judd’s family, the truck driver then continued driving, turning the corner over Judd’s body, then finally stopping on Pacific Street. 

Police said that the driver was cooperative and interviewed by officers on the scene. 

Joy Judd suffered multiple injuries including numerous fractures throughout her body, bleeding from her head, and multiple contusions. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

According to Dunnion Law, Martin Sanchez Nunez worked for Golden State Portables and was the driver of the vehicle. 

Video footage taken from nearby traffic cameras shows Nunez turning the corner and striking Judd, who had the right of way after entering the crosswalk, then continued to turn on Pacific Street while Judd’s body tumbled underneath the wheels of the 22,000-pound truck.

Attorneys for Golden State Portables pleaded that other individuals, including Judd, directly or proximately caused or contributed to the fatal incident that occurred.

Dunnion Law’s investigations found that Nunez had been cited in 2006, 2010, and 2019 for on-the-job accidents while working for Golden State Portables. His 2019 citation occurred a month after Judd was killed. 

Joy Judd graduated from Carmel High School and was a cancer survivor and a special education teacher. Former U.S Representative Sam Farr, who was her high school classmate and long-time friend of more than 50 years, attested to Judd’s joyful demeanor and contributions to her community.

Dunnion Law explains that Judd’s surviving children continue to grieve her loss. “She had a larger-than-life personality and she would fill every room with this enormous smile, … everyone remembers the Joy smile,” said Krista Behi, Judd’s youngest daughter. “Her name was Joy and she actually exuded this sense of joy. She could not have had a more appropriate name.”

Dunnion Law confirms that criminal charges have been filed against Nunez for his part in Judd’s death.

“The real point here is to force Golden State Portables to operate in our community with the level of responsibility we all expect from them. If they had done so, the bright light that was Joy Judd might still be shining on our community today,” said Connell Dunnion, managing partner of Dunnion Law, in a statement.


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