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Driving car on empty road; Schoolteacher Settles for $1,500,000 After Car Accident Injuries

Schoolteacher Settles for $1,500,000 After Car Accident Injuries

After being injured in a car accident during his morning commute, a schoolteacher received a settlement of $1,500,000.

The car accident occurred on April 14, 2021, at 6 a.m., while the plaintiff, a Prince William County schoolteacher, was on his way to work. An eyewitness driving behind the defendant stated that he observed the defendant driving erratically for approximately two miles before crossing the double lines and colliding with the plaintiff’s vehicle. The defendant told the officer he was a diabetic who was not feeling well and that he had only taken 30 units of insulin instead of the usual 100 units. 

The plaintiff had a comminuted right mid-shaft femur fracture that required open reduction and internal fixation with an intramedullary nail. The plaintiff also sustained a right closed proximal tibial plateau fracture, necessitating knee external fixation. There were serious issues, such as MRSA wound infection that required debridement, pulmonary embolus, and respiratory failure. The plaintiff was hospitalized several times, including one stay in a rehabilitation facility. The plaintiff’s concussion was not treated promptly due to more serious orthopedic issues, and he later experienced migraines, light and sound sensitivity, and difficulty locating words. The plaintiff eventually lost his independence and had to move in with his parents, leaving him with exhaustion, daily pain, and mobility issues.

The damages included approximately $400,000 in medical bills, $15,000 in wage loss, and a $1.7 million life care plan. The lawsuit settled for $1,500,000.


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